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Welcome to Sundance Labradoodles!  If you are looking for a multigenerational labradoodle with an outstanding temperament and an amazing coat, you have come to the right place!  We breed low to no-shed multigenerational Australian labradoodles.  In over a decade of breeding we have never had one puppy that sheds!  This is ideal for those with allergies. Temperament is also very important to us and one of our number one goals.  Many of our dogs are further trained as therapy dogs but our mission is to provide you with a loving family pet with an amazing personality!  Please read more about our program on our About Us Page.


Sundance Labradoodles is a premier breeder of Australian Labradoodles Puppies located here in sunny Arizona! We specialize in miniature, medium, and large medium  Australian Labradoodle puppies with allergy friendly coats in all of the colors!  Temperament and health are our number one goals.  We are blessed to have our puppies live all over the world. We offer a 2 Year 100% Health Guarantee against genetic diseases and are gold star members of ALCA for the level of health testing we do on our breeding stock to ensure the healthiest pups possible.  

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Australian Labradoodle Traits we LOVE:


  • highly intelligent

  • easily trained

  • allergy friendly

  • low to no shed

  • no doggy odor

  • wonderful temperments (our #1 goal)

  • intuitive

  • great with children and other pets

  • willing to learn

  • eager to please

  • happy, friendly, loving, & kind

  • true bundles of JOY!

Consider our Guardian Program

Labradoodles bring a lifetime of Laughter, Joy, Love and Fun!!


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Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale

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