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Welcome to Sundance Labradoodles!  If you are looking for a multigenerational labradoodle with an outstanding temperament and an amazing coat, you have come to the right place!  We breed low to no-shed Australian labradoodles.  In ten years of breeding we have never had one puppy that sheds!  This is ideal for those with allergies. Temperament is also very important to us and one of our number one goals.  Our mission is to provide you with a loving family pet with an amazing personality!


We are a small family breeder of genuine Australian Labradoodles located in sunny Arizona!    We raise our sweet doodles right here in our home where they can get  the love and socialization that they need. At just a few days old we introduce our puppies to early neuro stimulation.  We believe this is a foundation for an outstanding temperament.  Our little pups even start to crate-train before they go to their forever homes!


We are proud members of the ALCA.  Here at Sundance we do extensive health testing before choosing our breeding dogs to ensure the healthiest puppies possible.  We adhere to the strict standards and health testing guidelines of the ALCA. We breed for wonderful temperaments, no-shed allergy-friendly coats, health, and of course great looks! 

What does organically raised mean?  We raise our puppies in a chemical free environment.  Our yard is free of pesticides and fertilizer.  In our home we use natural cleaning agents including fresh lemons from our very own trees!  We also use steam cleaning methods to disinfect rather than chemicals. 


 We are hands on with our puppies from day one and use both 'Avidog' and 'Puppy Culture' Methods in rearing these babies!

We love to talk Labradoodles.  Please email us with any questions you have at anytime!  sundancelabradoodles@gmail.com     

D o g s   a r e   n o t   o u r   w h o l e   li f e ,  

b u t   t h e y   m a k e   o u r   l i v e s   w h o l e.  


- Roger Caras

Australian Labradoodle Traits we LOVE:

We Deliver!!!


  • highly intelligent

  • easily trained

  • allergy friendly

  • low to no shed

  • no doggy odor

  • wonderful temperments (our #1 goal)

  • intuitive

  • great with children and other pets

  • willing to learn

  • eager to please

  • happy, friendly, loving, & kind

  • true bundles of JOY!

 While most people will fly in to Phoenix Sky Harbor and take their puppy home in cabin, we can make arrangements for delivery if necessary.   For more information on having your puppy shipped or delivered to you click here or go to our 'other' page.  


Feel free to contact us with questions.


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Labradoodles bring a lifetime of Laughter, Joy, Love and Fun!!

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