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We are so excited about sweet little Daisy.  Daisy was whelped right her at Sundance and lives in a wonderful guardian home with two human brothers and one sister.  She goes everywhere with her family and just thinks everything is a fun adventure!

Daisy's grandmother is our foundation girl Ella.  We can see a lot of Ella in her and know that she will pass these fantastic traits to her offspring. Daisy has a tail that is always wagging, telling everyone she meets that she is one happy labradoodle.  She is smart, loyal, sweet and calm.  Everyone seems to want to adopt her on the spot!

We can't wait to see what she will bring to our program in 2020!

variety:  australian labradoodle


call name:  Daisy


sire:   Springcreek's Sundance Kid


dam:  Sundance's Apple


size:  medium, 18 inches, 28 lbs


color: red with white mismarks


coat:  wavy non-shedding fleece


health clearances:  pending



Introducing Sundance's Phoebe!!!  We could not be more pleased with our newest addition.  Ivy is the dog we have always dreamed of!  Not only does this little pup have the most wonderful temperament ever, she is extremely smart!  She learned the command 'sit' the very first day she arrived.  She is very social and loves to follow us around while we are doing yard work and around the house.  Her coloring is something special.  We have looked and waited a long time to get the striking combinations that Ivy Green has!  Thank you Kari for this amazing girl.  And a special thank you to Jan for picking another winner!

variety:  australian labradoodle


call name:  Phoebe


sire:  Sundance's Huckleberry


dam: Aussie L's Ivy Green


size:  medium, 18 inches, 30 lbs


color: red


coat:  wavy non-shedding fleece


health clearances:  OFA hip-good, OFA-elbows-good,  eic clear

pra clear, CERF., DM clear!


sundance labradoodles


Maple is an absolutely stunning dog with a gorgeous wavy caramel fleece coat.  She is the daughter of our Ivy and Aussie Labradoodles Kodiak who are both outstanding labradoodles in temperamaent and looks.  Maple is athletic, smart, goofy, loving and always up for a car ride!  She is the perfect family dog!! She is happy, happy, happy and everyone is her best friend!! We are excited to have Maple in our program and look forward to see what she produces!  By the way Maple lives in a wonderful guardian home with three brothers that can keep up with her energy and one big sister who takes extra good care of her.  She is one well loved dog!

variety:  australian labradoodle


call name: Sadie


sire:  Aussie Labradoodles Kodiak


dam: Aussie Labradoodles Ivy


size:  medium, 35 lbs, 19 inches


color: caramel


coat:  wavy non-shedding fleece


health clearances:  pra clear, DM clear, CERF,

                                  OFA hips good, OFA                                             elbows                                                                   


Amazing Apple.  We are so in awe of this most wonderful labradoodle.  She is simply one of our best and we are so excited to see what she will produce!!  She lights up any room she walks into with her soulful but gentle nature.  We are hoping her babies are carbon copies of their Mom.  She has the most awesome temperament and loves people and animals alike.  Her guardian Mom says she wants to play with every dog she encounters!  She has two human sisters who love her dearly and take such good care of her.   She is playful and full of personality yet as smart as can be and only wants to please!!! She is a fast learner and knows some pretty amazing tricks that she loves to show off!!   She loves to be right by your side and everyone who meets her adores her!!

Apple is one lucky girl and lives with her guardian family who are simply head over heels for her!!!

variety:  australian labradoodle


call name: Moxie


sire:  Serenity's Timoteo


dam: Seattle's Ella


size:  medium, 18 inches, 29 lbs


color: cream


coat:  wavy non-shedding fleece


health clearances:  pra clear, DM clear, Eic                                         Clear, CERF


            OFA elbows, OFA Hips good   



Introducing Sundance's Sweet Georgia Pie!!  Georgia is just a darling little girl and the smallest of our crew, weighing in at 21 lbs! She is the daughter of our beloved foudation girl 'Ivy Green'.  She looks and acts exactly like her Mama which is a very good thing!!!!!  Georgia is everything we want to see in our Australian Labradoodles.  She is extremely smart, loving, friendly and great at being a big goofball.  Her silly antics will entertain for hours.  She is wonderful with children and has a gentle soul.  Georgia lives in a wonderful neighborhood in Phoenix with her human Mom and Dad who treat her like gold!!  She hits all of the downtown, happening spots with her family and is always happy to meet new people.   Georgia is well loved and is one very happy dog!!  We can't wait to see the wonderful puppies she will have!!

variety:  australian labradoodle


call name: Georgia


sire:  Swinging Gate's braden


dam: Aussie's Ivy Green


size:  medium, 17 inches, 30 lbs


color: red


coat:  wavy non-shedding fleece


health clearances:  pra clear, DM clear, Eic                                         Clear, CERF


            OFA elbows, OFA Hips                                                                      


We want to thank Jan at Seattle labradoodles for this magnificent, delightful doodle!  Stella is just one of a kind.  She has got personality plus and really is a delight to be with.  She's got the perfect structure and a temperament to match.  She will make a fantastic Mama!    Her guardian family adores her and they are always telling me her hilarious stories as she is quite the comic.  Stella loves people and pets alike.  She is always up to do whatever everyone else is doing and really gets into playing with other dogs!  She knows when it is time to relax with the family but she also knows that when it's time to play she will be right there and she will have the most fun and play the hardest of all!  We are excited for Stella to be a part of our program and can't wait to meet her pups!

variety:  australian labradoodle


call name:  Stella


sire:  Seattle's Fozzie Bear


dam: Aussie L's Practically Perfect Paisley


size:  medium, 18 inches,38 lbs


color: cream


coat:  wavy non-shedding fleece


health clearances:  prcd/pra clear, DM clear,                                      Eic Clear, cerf normal

                                  OFA Hips Good                                                                 


Introducing the cutest ragamuffin ever!!  Our little Piper could just melt anyone's heart!!  This little gem is the complete package with the best temperament ever! 

Piper has the most amazing Guardian family ever.  They have trained her and socialized her and we just couldn't be more proud of the job they have done with this girl!   She goes everywhere with her human mom and she has two of the best human brothers that are her constant companions on trips and hikes and you name it, they are always together!!  I absolutely love when I get to see pictures of Piper and her family! 

Piper seemed to get the best traits from both her mom and dad and that is why we call her the perfect package.  We are looking forward to Pipers pups and excited that she will carry on the legacy of her parents Stella and Rusty.

variety:  australian labradoodle


call name: Piper


sire:  Spring Creek's Sundance Kid


dam: Seattle's Stella Luna


size:  medium, 18 inches,32 lbs


color: carmel


coat:  wavy non-shedding fleece


health clearances:  dm, eic, pra/prcd normal,                                    ofa hips fair , ofa elbows,                                       ofa eyes                                                       


variety:  australian labradoodle


call name: Clover


sire:  Spring Creek's Sundance Kid


dam: Aussie L's Ivy Green


size:  medium, 18 inches,35 lbs


color: carmel


coat:  wavy non-shedding fleece


health clearances:  dm-clear, eic-clear, pra/prcd-clear, cerf eyes-normal, ofa hips/elbows-good                                        

What can we say about Clover?!  Fun loving are the first two words that come to mind.  Clover is the daughter of our beloved foundation girl 'Ivy'.  With those genes behind her she is bound to produce some outstanding puppies!  Clover is always up for adventure and loves to be with her family.  She has quite a few human brothers and sisters and she even hangs out with her favorite kitty on the daily.  She loves people and other dogs and is always up to play!  She is a gorgeous dark caramel color and the most human like hazel eyes that will melt your heart!!  Clover is in the medium range at 37 lbs!!


Liberty has quite the meaningful name.  She comes to us from Family Labradoodles located right next door to Williamsburg, Virginia.  Liberty is a mini with a gorgeous, parti, curly fleece coat.  She will have pups that will be excellent companions for those who suffer with allergies.

Liberty is one happy girl and lights up any room she is in.  She is exceptionally smart and knows oodles of commands and tricks.  She lives in Gilbert Arizona with her adoring parents and has daily playdates with her human grandmas puppy!  She does awesome with children and other pets and is a joy to have around.  We are super excited to see Liberty's future puppies!!!

variety:  australian labradoodle


call name: Liberty


sire:  Family's Little Knickers


dam: Macibee's Mae Day


size:  mini, 24 lbs


color: black and white, parti


coat:  curly, non-shedding fleece


health clearances:  dm-clear, eic-clear, pra/prcd-clear, cerf eyes-normal, ofa hips/elbows-good                                        

s u n d a n c e     b o y s

Theres a new kid on the block at Sundance Labradoodles! Chewie is our  gorgeous stud muffin and the proud son of Seattles Ella and Serenity Springs Timoteo ! We absolutely could not have dreamed of a more amazing gift than this guy! Chewie is a medium in size with a stunning fleece apricot/gold coat, beautiful  big brown eyes, and the cutest  black button nose ever! This guy is so happy go lucky, smart, social, loving and adorable.  I could go on and on forever! He has a super floppy and delightful personality, and he will light up any room he walks into.   He  knows no strangers, and will wag his tail with excitement when he greets you!  Chewie is a lovely example of the temperament that every doodle should have.  He also is a wonderful representation of all the traits that the Australian Labradoodle stands for. What can we say, he is the perfect package!

Chewie has the most wonderful guardian family that have made him part of their family.  He goes absolutely everywhere with them and is spoiled to go on plenty of camping trips!  I am always hearing the most endearing 'Chewie' stories that make me chuckle everytime!  

 We are soo looking forward to this guy becoming a daddy and just know his pups are going to be incredible!  We look forward to a super  bright future for this handsome boy and are beyond excited with Chewies addition to our program! With his amazing looks and temperament, his future babies are going to have it all!  

Chewie is available for stud service to approved breeders.

Sundance's   Huckleberry  aka:  Chewie!

variety: multi generational  australian labradoodle


call name: Chewie


sire:  Serenity Spring's Timoteo


dam: Seattle's Simply Elegant Ella


size:  medium, 17 inches, 35 lbs


color: apricot cream, Bbee


coat:  wavy non-shedding fleece


health clearances:  pra/prcd clear, DM clear,                                      EIC Clear, CERF, OFA                                          eyes, OFA elbows, OFA                                        Hips  Good                                                                 

Spring Creek's Luca

We want to thank Rochelle for hand picking this amazing creature for our program.   He is just packed with personality and just as wonderful as they come!!  Luca has the most wonderful guardian family located not very far from here, in Gilbert, AZ.  Luca gets to go with his Dad to work a few days a week!  He is one of the main assistants at the family law practice and greets everyone with a wagging tail.  When he is not at work it is pretty common to find Luca hanging out by the pool or at the lake with his adoring family.  Luca has a special personality and just lights up any room with his happy ways.  If you are having a bad day, you might need a small dose of Luca to turn it around.  My friend describes Luca as 'the teddy bear with a heartbeat'!!  Now what could be better than that!?!

variety: multi generational  australian labradoodle


sire:  LBD Swagger


dam: Spring Creeks Tryst after dark


size:  mini, 16 inches, 25 lbs


color: red, Bbee


coat:  wavy non-shedding fleece


health clearances:  pra/prcd clear, DM clear,                                      EIC Clear, CERF, OFA                                          eyes, OFA elbows, OFA                                        Hips  Good