Health and Nutrition

Sundance Labradoodles is committed to providing all of their puppies and adult dogs the best nutrition possible.  Life's Abundance is formulated by a holistic, dietary veterinarian.  Always shipped fresh, it is our preferred diet for the life of your pet.


**Your puppy has been eating the Lifes Abundance 'All Life Stages' in the GREEN bag.  (Not the puppy and not the grain free.)  

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Life's Abundance dog food to other brands 

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probiotics for a  labradoodle

Probiotics are a must have as a digestion aid for puppies and dogs.  We use a daily probiotic that can be sprinkled over food.  Probiotics can be ordered online or found at some pet stores.  Pro-pectalin, geneflora and bene-bac are some great brands that we use here.


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If you are looking for the best of the best in health care products for your pet, check out Life's Abundance Products.  From shampoo to fish oil, you can find all health care needs here!