U P C O M I N G     L I T T E R S

      We will quickly describe our process for adopting a Sundance labradoodle! 

       We take applications and deposits for pups once the litter is actually born.  Below you will see estimated due dates of the litters expected.  We recommend you check this page close to due dates of the puppies.  Once puppies have been born we announce the birth of the puppies here and start taking applications and deposits for the litter.  Our litters do fill fast and we usually have multiple people anticipating a litter.  We do not have a wait list.  Most other breeders do have a wait list and we encourage people that want to be on a wait list to reach out to other Australian labradoodle breeders.

 Once the puppies are born there will be a link to our application page with the announcement of birth of pups right here on this page.  Once you have filled out an application we contact you within 24 hours and proceed from there with deposit and assignment to the litter!  

We are super excited about our upcoming litters as they will be just gorgeous as well as have amazing temperaments !

*If puppies are born early we wait until the due date shown below to announce the litter and open the application page.




unnamed-19 copy.jpg

We have been waiting for this duo to get together for quite some time.  Sofy is such a wonderfully sweet girl with a therapy dog temperament like no other.  She will have a date with Nutkin who is just a solid, good boy.  We cannot wait to see what the produce together and we are hopeful that they will be as fabulous as their parents. 

These puppies will be due on Nov 24.  We will open up application page once they are born. For the best chances of getting a puppy from this litter please check back close to November 24 to fill out an application.

These puppies will have apricot and caramel curly and wavy fleece coats and will be hypoallergenic! 

They will be approximately 25-35 lbs and have wonderful temperaments!

These puppies will go to their new homes towards the end of Jan 2022.

We open the application page when puppies are born.  Please check back November 24 to fill out an application!

THIS LITTER OPENED AT 7:15 and closed at 9:45  




This will be Liberty's last litter!  Liberty has had the best puppies in the world and we can't wait to see what her final litter produces!

Liberty has a curly fleece coat and so does Nutkin. This is a great option for allergy friendly coats!!!  

This litter will produce outstanding family pets that can potentially be trained for therapy dogs.

Nutkin and Liberty  had a litter about a year ago and the families simply love their puppies.  They both have wonderful personalities and the puppies will make excellent mates.

Liberty is a large mini and Nutkin is a medium.  The puppies will very in size from about 20-34 lbs.

This litter is due on  Dec 16.  Please check back then to apply for this litter. (We open up litter applications page and begin taking applications the day the litter is born.)

These puppies will go to their new homes mid Feb!




This is Penny's second litter.  Penny is just like her Mama.  The best temperament ever!  We seriously can't say enough about her!!  

She produces fabulous pups and is the most attentive Mama ever!

Penny is a medium and so is Luca.  They will have mediums with wavy and fleece coats.  They will be shades of apricots and caramels.

These dogs will make wonderful family pets and they will have the temperaments to train as therapy dogs if you so desire.

This litter is due on Dec 23.  Please check back then to apply for this litter.  (We open the application page and begin taking applications the day the  litter is born.)

These puppies will go to their new homes mid Feb.

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To find out more about the Parent dogs please go to our Labradoodles page