U P C O M I N G     L I T T E R S

      We will quickly describe our process for adopting a Sundance labradoodle! 

       We take applications and deposits for pups once the litter is actually born.  Below you will see estimated due dates of the litters expected.  We recommend you check this page close to due dates of the puppies.  Once puppies are born, we announce the birth of the puppies here and start taking applications and deposits for the litter.  

 As long as we have puppies available there will be a link to our application page with the announcement of birth of pups right here on this page.

 Once you have filled out an application we contact you within 24 hours and proceed from there with deposit and assignment to the litter!  

We are super excited about our upcoming litters as they will be just gorgeous as well as have amazing temperaments !

*If puppies are born early we wait until the due date shown below to announce the litter and open the application page.



Alyeska and Nutkin

puppies available now arizona california texas y.jpg



Puppies are here!



We are taking two more deposits for this litter.  Please fill out application HERE

These puppies will be apricots, reds and caramels and will go to their new homes on June 4.


Puppies will be approx 23-35 lbs with amazing wavy-curly gorgeous fleece coats.  These dog will make wonderful family pets, companion animals and therapy dogs with the correct training.  Both parents have excellent temperaments and are extremely smart and amazing with training!!  


Willow and Luca


This summer these two fabulous dogs will get together for the first time!!  They are both the star of the show at home.  They both live in guardian homes that make them they center of their world.  They are much beloved and we know they will have exceptional offspring perfect for the best family pet ever!!

The puppies of this litter will be 23-35 lbs and have wavy fleece coats in apricots, reds and carmels.

Both Willow and Luca have the best therapy dog temperamenst and make the best family pets and companion animals.

We could not be more excited about this litter!

We are now taking applications and deposits for this litter.  

This litter will be born at the end of July and the puppies will be ready for their new homes late September!

If you are interested in this litter please fill out application HERE

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To find out more about the Parent dogs please go to our Labradoodles page