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               U P C O M I N G     L I T T E R S

      We will quickly describe our process for adopting a Sundance labradoodle! 

       We take applications and deposits for pups once the litter is actually born.  Below you will see estimated due dates of the litters expected.  We recommend you check this page close to due dates of the puppies.  Once puppies are born, we announce the birth of the puppies here and start taking applications and deposits for the litter.  

 As long as we have puppies available there will be a link to our application page with the announcement of birth of pups right here on this page.

 Once you have filled out an application we contact you within 24 hours and proceed from there with deposit and assignment to the litter!  

We are super excited about our upcoming litters as they will be just gorgeous as well as have amazing therapy dog temperaments !



upcoming litters

We take applications and deposits once litter is born!  Please  fill out application on due date of the litter you are interested in!  

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