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               U P C O M I N G     L I T T E R S

      We will quickly describe our process for adopting a Sundance labradoodle! 


     ---  We take applications up until puppies are born.  Below you will see estimated due dates of the litters expected.


( We recommend you check this page close to due dates of the puppies. )


---Once puppies are born, we announce the birth of the puppies here and start taking  deposits for the litter.


---You may place a deposit before a litter is born if you wish.

---Otherwise I will notify those on the waitlist as soon as puppies are born to see if they would still like to move forward with a deposit.

 ---As long as we have puppies available there will be a link to our application page with the announcement of birth of pups right here on this page.

 ---Once you have filled out an application we contact you to see if you have any questions and what you are looking for. We also let you know how we do puppy picks.


---We are super excited about our upcoming litters as they will be just gorgeous as well as have amazing therapy dog temperaments !


We have been in business for over a decade and a half .  We are affiliated with ALCA and do all required health testing and more!!

We breed multi generational authentic Australian Labradoodles with non shedding coats.  Our puppies are phenominal!

Paris and Max

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Our super adorable Paris and our crazy cute stud muffin Max are having a Spring fling and we are so looking forward to seeing their babies! Paris is a medium Australian Labradoodle with a beautiful Parti coat, captivating amber eyes, and she is a super sweet girl!  Paris is so smart and always happy, eager to please, and she just lives for attention. She is loving, affectionate, comical, adventurous, fun, and an all around perfect family dog.

Max  is a favorite with his gorgeous , wavy fleece apricot coat. Max has the cutest face with a muzzle to die for, and this little guy has the sweetest most gentle personality. He is floppy, affectionate and about as loyal as they come. Max is also a big cuddle bug.

The pups should be large miniature to small medium in size ranging from 25-35 lbs and about 15-17″ at maturity.

Puppies have Arrived!!  We are now taking applications for this litter!  Please fill out application HERE.  Puppies will come home August 2!

Summer vacation plans?  No problem, we board through the summer !

(This litter will go to their new homes around the first of August)

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