P r i c i n g    a n d    A d o p t  i o n

Puppy Pricing


Our Australian Labradoodles are 3,500.  We do require a 500.00 deposit to hold a puppy in your name.  The 500.00 deposit is applied toward the total cost of your puppy and will be deducted from final payment. 














What does my Puppy Come with?

  • Microchip Identification

  • Age appropriate Vaccinations

  • Deworming treatments

  • Grooming tool for face

  • Sample bag of Life's Abundance kibble

  • 2 year health guarantee

  • collar

  • toy with litter scent

  • pet insurance for first month

  • Unlimited support for the life of your pet

  • Spay/Neuter contract

  • Puppy culture and avidog raised puppies

  • Early nuero stimulation program included from 1-3 weeks of age

Our Program

We are proud to be one of the two original australian labradoodle breeders in the state of Arizona.  We pride ourselves on our program and we feel like the proof is in what we produce.  Most of our business is word of mouth and repeat customers!

Sundance Labradoodles is not a kennel.  We are a family and our breeding dogs live in our home as our beloved and pampered pets.  We can't have all of our dogs here so we have them in Guardian homes nearby.  A guardian home is a family that has one of our breeding dogs as their own pet and helps out tremendously at breeding time.  However, all puppies are born and raised in our home until they are picked up or shipped to you.

We raise all of our puppies here in our home were they are well attended to.  We begin socializing them and getting them accustomed to every day sounds, being handled, and other pets. 


We raise our puppies with avidog and puppy culture methods.  We attend educational seminars and revamp our techniques for raising puppies at least 2 times a year.  The purpose of this is to stay current with latest studies and proven puppy rearing techniques.  We thrive on education and keeping current even after a decade of breeding!

 Why Australian Labradoodles are Costly

Picking up your Puppy!









  • You are more than welcome to pick up your newest addition right here at Sundance Labradoodles!  We actually prefer it and  love to show where and how your puppy has been raised.  We can also spend some time going over care and grooming questions you may have.

  • If you wish to have your puppy shipped to you via airplane the fee starts at $450 fee(could vary).  This fee covers airfare, crate, vet health certification to fly and transportation to the airport.  There are restrictions as of the onset of covid.  This may not be a viable option because of Covid.

  • In cabin hand delivery is also available if prearranged. 

  • You are also welcome to fly into Sky Harbor Airport (Phoenix) and I can have your puppy ready for you to fly home in cabin.  I would be happy to spend up to an hour with you at the airport going over any questions or concerns.  There is no charge for this unless you would require me to bring a pet carryon bag for your pup.








Health Guarantee

We have a two year guarantee on all of our puppies for genetic disorders.  Our breeding dogs are thoroughly health tested before we will breed them.  It is for this reason we can offer a guarantee.  We do the best we can and breed responsibly.  We want our dogs to live a happy life and bring the same joy to you that they do to us!  Our dogs are our pets first and foremost, we love and adore them!!!!

We obtain our breeding dogs at eight to nine weeks of age.  The average cost of a breeding dog is 12-14  thousand dollars (without the testing).  We do some of the health testing while they are young and continue with testing up to the age of two years old.  Once they are cleared we add them to our breeding program. 

Very important:  If they do not have the temperament desired after the age of 1 year or if they do not clear testing, they are eliminated as a potential breeding dogs and go on to have a happy pet life with their forever family that they are already with.  This is extremely costly but very important for our program as we will only breed the best of the best.


When they are old enough we start extensive health testing on all of our potential breeding dogs (heart, cerf, eyes,thyroid, ofa hips, pra, prcd, ic, ofa elbows, eic, dm, penn hip and other testing for genetic diseases)to name a few!   For each test done we incur substantial bills that represent thousands of dollars (vet, xray, lab fees, panel fees, etc).  We only breed the dogs that pass their tests with high scores as to try and breed the healthiest puppies possible and minimize genetic disease. 

You can be assured that your pup has parents with wonderful temperaments and the highest of health scores!  We love our dogs and want them to live healthy, happy lives. 

Our fully health tested parent dogs have their puppies in our home.  By the time the puppy is ready for their new family at 8-9 weeks we have spared no expense on everything a puppy needs such as clean facilities (indoor and outdoor), deworming treatments, microchipping, health checks, first set of vaccines, etc.)  We consider ourselves responsible breeders and cutting corners at any cost is not part of our program.  We do everything we can to assure our puppies will have happy, quality lives!

We have spent years building our program around breeding exceptional dogs.  Know that when you buy a Sundance dog you are getting the very best!



Feel free to contact us with any questions.



Please note: We have no control over Mother Nature, when it comes to litter size, gender, color of puppies and heat cycles. Sometimes a planned mating may have to be changed due to the timing of a heat cycle. Sundance Labradoodles reserves the right to use a different stud than originally planned or replace one mating with another.