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The Secret To Choosing A Dog For Your Child




Many children love dogs.  Movies such as 101 Dalmatians,Beethoven, and Lady and the Tramp can leave children wanting a dog.  It’s often a dream of families to have the Lassie/Timmy bond between child and family pet.  We can talk about whether or not these are realistic dreams, but that is not the point of this post.  Instead, let’s focus on the first secret to choosing the best dog for your child.


Kids and Dogs Can Be A Good Combination



Here is simple advice to choosing a dog for a family with children:  Choose the dog the mom wants.  It’s a simple start.  And it’s my one non-negotiable point in choosing a dog.

Perhaps you are now thinking, “But I don’t want a dog.”  Yep…then that’s the dog to get..none.  Because the reality is that no matter how much you want that Timmy/Lassie relationship, if the adults in the house don’t want the dog, it will rarely work out well.

Don’t get a dog for your child.  Get a dog because you really want a dog, and then let your child partner with you in raising your dog.

For more information on choosing a dog, check out Living With Kids and Dogs, Without Losing Your Mind, by Colleen Pelar.




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