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P u p p y     P a c k 

New puppy owners want the basics to start with but have no idea what the basics are.  We have put together a pack that we believe are essentials to have when your puppy comes home to you.   We have tried to make this a convenient and affordable pack to you to eliminate multiple trips to the store not knowing sizes or if you really need that one thing they are trying to sell you.


Again these are the basics.  You will notice that I did not include collars or leashes as these are things owners tend to like to pick out themselves.  (Your puppy does come with a puppy collar so you can pick out the adult collar they will eventually need).


Also, not included but nice to have when puppy comes home are toys!  Doodles love to play with toys so it is a good idea to have a couple of different types to see what they like!

An easy walk harness is nice to have when teaching puppy how to walk properly.  It does not let them pull.  


A crate pad is not needed now but eventually you can get one that is comfortable.  Right now we recommend an old towel or something you can wash if it gets soiled.


One more thing that is not included that you will need are chew items.  Have a good assortment as canines, especially puppies, need to chew!!  We want different items to switch out.  Some examples would be antlers, chew toys, CET enzyme chews by VIRBAC, bully sticks (only in crate), real beef bones (only raw and keep in freezer when they are not in use).


If you do want to order the packet below I would need to know by the time your puppy is 6 weeks old.


Puppy Pack - 275$  Includes the following:


Metal wire crate with divider 24 x36


excercise pen


ear cleaner


ear powder


bitter apple spray


natures miracle enzyme cleaner (for accidents


interactive toy


nail trimmer


bene bac probiotics (a must have!)






2 stainless steel bowls (food and water)

 West Paw crate pad can be included upon request only.  They range between 59.00-89.00.  Let me know if you would like to include a West Paw Crate Pad.

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