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Welcome to Sundance Labradoodles!!  My name is Andrea and I am located in the sunny state of Arizona.  We breed on average 4-6 litters a year right here in our home so that the puppies have all the love and early socialization they need!  I have been breeding multigenerational australian labradoodles for over 15 years and was mentored by Jan at Seattle labradoodles who has been breeding for the last 25 years!!  

 I hope to bring as much joy, happiness, and laughter to your life with a Sundance Australian Labradoodle  as they have brought to mine! I look forward to hearing from you !


We are a small family breeder of genuine Australian Labradoodles located in sunny Arizona!   We raise our sweet doodles right here in our home where they can get  the love and socialization that they need. At just a few days old we introduce our puppies to early neuro stimulation.  We believe this is a foundation for an outstanding temperament.  Our little pups even start to crate-train before they go to their forever homes!


We are proud members of the ALCA. The ALCA has been in existence since 2005 so as to regulate and hold breeders to the highest of standards.   Here at Sundance we do extensive health testing before choosing our breeding dogs to ensure the healthiest puppies possible.  We adhere to the strict standards and health testing guidelines of the ALCA. We breed for wonderful temperaments, no-shed allergy-friendly coats, health, and of course great looks! 

We raise our puppies organically!  What does organically raised mean?  We raise our puppies in a chemical free environment.  Our yard is free of pesticides and fertilizer.  In our home we use natural cleaning agents including fresh lemons from our very own trees!  We also use steam cleaning methods to disinfect rather than chemicals. 


 We are hands on with our puppies from day one and use both 'Avidog' and 'Puppy Culture' Methods in rearing these babies!  Our puppies have the perfect temperaments for the perfect family dog and many of them go on to do therapy work!!

We love to talk Labradoodles.  Please email us with any questions you have at anytime! or call 480-225-3810   

Meet our puppy Team

There is a lot that goes on in the first 8 weeks of puppy life!  From early neuro stimulation to daily sanitation, these girls do it all!  We  are extremely blessed to have the best puppy care team ever!! 

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