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Preparing for Puppy

Recommended Supply List :

This first list are items that you should have before the puppy arrives.

-  crate (we love the metal crates, they fold up    easily and are easy to clean!)24 tall x 36 length


-  food (I will let you know what kind)


-  leash  (4 - 6 ' lead)


-  chew toys and teethers, (we love deer antlers, bully sticks, etc) no rawhide chews!

- Natures Miracle (enzyme cleaner for accitdents)

-  stainless steel or ceramic feed and water bowls  (nothing made in China please!)


-  bitter apple spray (to spray on anything you    don't want chewed on)


-  all natural puppy treats (for training) break into  the tiniest bites possible


-  more different chew toys, we like kongs, rope toys, non-edible nyla bones, no rawhides  (can cause blockage), antlers, bully sticks


-  ear cleaner


-  brush, toe nail clipper, de matting brush


-  exercise pen area (gates), we love the portable, plastic pens they sell at petsmart!


-  easy walk harness   (is wonderful for teaching puppy to walk on a leash without pulling, we use these starting at 9 months)





sundance labradoodles

all about labradoodles how to care for a labradoodle
where do I find the cutest labradoodle in the world

sundance labradoodles

E s s e n t i a l s

         food and water bowls                           4 - 6 ' leads                                    collar                                        crate (24" high)

G r o o m i n g   S u p p l i e s

       slicker brushes                        round tip shears                    ear cleaning solution             untangler comb                     nail clippers











chew toys

F u n   S t u f f

 A l s o     c o n s i d e r e d     m u s t     h a v e s :

                                         play area                        wound care (vetericyn)             de matting comb                     teeth cleaning supplies               crate pad

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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