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Why are we so cute, adorable and irresistable?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your puppies cost?

What do we feed our puppy?

What is the difference between an F1, F2 and a multigenerational labradoodle?

What is considered a mini, medium or standard sized labradoodle?

Do you have any puppies available right now?

Male or Female Australian Labradoodles – which makes the better pet?
Both male and female Labradoodles make excellent pets. With the Labradoodle’s excellent temperament it is purely                          personal preference.  They come with their own wonderfully unique personality...kind of like kids!!!!  

Where are you based?

                      We are in Mesa Arizona. We are located 15 minutes due east of Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix.  Our physical address                      

                      is made known to our  puppy buyers before pick up.  Most people come to our home to pick up their puppy.  However


                      we can meet you at the airport with puppy if you are flying in for pick up.  In the event that you are unable to fly in


                      to pick up puppy we can assist you in finding a pet nanny to transport your pet for you in cabin.


                     If you are coming from out of state . . . WELCOME!  If you are making a trip out of it, we can lead you to some great


                     restaurants and hotels.

Are your puppies wormed and vaccinated before coming home?

             Yes all of our puppies are dewormed and have their first  set of vaccines before coming home.  They will also have a                         microchip before coming home.  We record everything that has been done with puppy before pick up.  What                                         has  been used and dates issued are all included.   This information will be then be put on a health record for your                              puppy so that you will have it for your own records and for the vet.

Do you Health Test your Parent Dogs?

              Absolutely.  Part of our mission is to produce a healthy pet that will enjoy life!   We test with Paw print genetics,  UC                         Davis,  Optigen and Vetgen.  Not to mention our eye specialist and our hip specialist. 

                     We belong to ALCA.  For this reason you can be assured that the parent dogs have been highly tested.  We not only                         do the testing required by ALCA but we go above and beyond and test for everything we possibly can.  Some of the                         testing we do include  OFA hip,  OFA elbows,  OFA eyes,  pra,  prcd,  cerf eye,  dm,  eic,  ic,  von willebrand.  

                    Please ensure the breeder you select is health testing their breeding stock, no matter what breed of dog. There is                               health testing that should be done to ensure the genetic soundness, as much as possible, of the puppy you are                                   purchasing and the genetic health of the parent dogs used.

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