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Crate train your Labradoodle

Is crate training worth it? ... Yes

My dog doesn't like the crate!... You may have to introduce it with a different approach than you think.

I don't have time for this. ... Crate training exercises should be less than 2 minutes per training session.

A crate can mimic a cozy den and should be a happy place that your puppy can feel safe and relaxed. We recommend a crate that is 36 inches long and 24 inches high. Although this may seem large for a mini or medium puppy, they will absolutely love it when full grown as it will allow them to turn and stretch. Of course while the puppy is growing, you will want to use the divider that comes with the crate to make it the appropriate size for puppy.

I would try to explain crate training but this video absolutely

nails it and we recommend watching and maybe even looking up other videos to try new approaches to crate training.

Please watch: The biggest mistake people make with crate training a puppy, by McCann Dog Training ( youtube )

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