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Grooming your Labradoodle!

Grooming your dog can seem a little intimadating at first but don't fret!! It can also be very rewarding and more forgiving than you think. The great thing is that their coat grows so fast that mistakes don't make a mark very long. The second thing is,it's a shaggy look anyway and so no one will even notice except you of course.

The key is to start slow... I just started with one pair of rounded ended shears (so I would not hurt them around the eyes when they move unexpectedly). I started with the face and looked at lots of pictures of what I liked and didn't like. The first few times were not that successful but after a while I got it! I also found that it was quite therapeudic and I enjoyed being outside with my girls on spa day. They loved it too because of course I had plenty of treats for the event.

When you get the face down you may be brave enough to try the clippers next. ALAA put out this video that really shows you how to go about it with clippers!!

It is worth giving it a try!

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