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Does my labradoodle need Booties?

Updated: Feb 28

Here in Arizona this may be a consideration. Especially if you walk your dog in the heat of the day. I usually walk my dog early in the morning in the heat of the summer but some do not have this option.

How do I know if it is too hot or too cold for my dogs paws?

Here is a quick test to see if you should use booties when you take your dog out.

The barefoot test.

Stand with bare feet on the surface your dog will be on (usually a sidewalk or pavement). Count to 5. If it is too hot (or too cold) for you, then it is also to hot for dog paws. This would mean you would want to put those booties to use.

How do I get my dog use to booties?

Dogs are adapted for life in the wild, so the idea of clothing—especially on their feet—probably seems very strange. Getting your dog to adapt to booties doesn’t have to be a hassle though.  

First, it’s important to select booties appropriate to your dog’s size. Boots should fit snugly but should NOT impede mobility or circulation.  

Once you’ve selected pet’s your boots, it’s time to start training. You’ll need patience, a quiet training place, and an ample supply of tiny treats to use as rewards. In a safe, quiet place, allow your pet to get familiar with the booties. While your animal is calm, try slipping on one boot, then another, until all are on. Most dogs will try to take the boots off the first few times—that’s okay. Reward your pet each time it accepts the boots. Try distracting your pet with some favorite toys to keep it engaged. Don’t try a walk outdoors just yet—let your dog get used to wearing the boots, then begin to associate putting-on-boots time with walk time. Soon your pet should make the connection that boots + leash = walk.    

Another approach is to integrate booting time with grooming time when your pet is already accustomed to being handled. If your pet is already used to having its paws touched, you’ve got a head start. Dogs that are comfortable with having their paws touched tend to accept the booties a lot better.

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