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Ear Care for Doodles

Updated: Feb 20

You don't ever need to deal with ear infections! Air flow is the key. Here at Sundance we teach our puppy owners the 2 second rule. If you spend 2 seconds on your puppies/dogs ears every day you very well may not ever have to deal with an ear infection. We do the quick pluck pluck!

Because hair grows deep inside ear canal we need to get it out so that it can remain clean and have airflow. Here is how:

Reach way down inside the inner canal as far as you fingers can go and pinch a few hairs and give one pluck. Do this in each ear once a day and you will eventually have all of the hair cleared out.

If you leave this job for the groomer to do, what usually will happen is they will pluck all of the hair at once and cause inflammation. This always leads to an ear infection. So as a doodle owner the key is to be on top of the ears yourself.

Around the outside of the ear canal should also be kept very short. You can trim this part up with scissors in between grooming appointments.

It's a good idea to do an ear wash with an ear solution once every 3-4 weeks or anytime after swimming. Watch this you tube video to see how to do this!

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